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For the individual, if you would like to record a song using an existing backing track we generally work on a price of £50 per hour... and it takes about one hour to record one song depending on your level of experience.

If you manage to record additional songs during that hour then we charge £35 for each additional song.

Should you run into a second hour because you need our expert guidance and encouragment to get the best out of you and your voice ... or simply because you are just having a brilliant time... then we charge an additional £40.  This is payable after a run over time of 10 minutes. If your time runs over by 35 mins then this is counted as a full hour and an additional £50 will be charged.

You may also wish to sing a duet, maybe put in your own harmony line or accompany yourself on the piano or guitar even (...go for it!). In order to cover the additional post production time we charge £35 for each additional vocal/instrument line.

We also have special packages for longer sessions to give you great value for money...oh and we also make sure you are welcomed with a cuppa.  Bottled water is also provided to 'whet the whistle'!

Of course, if you are unsure about what you want out of your recording session just call us on 01695 624966 for a chat.  It becomes easier then to give you a price.

Prices include VAT and basic post production. Our basic post production is to a higher standard than is usually available and includes editing, pitch correction, EQ, simple compression, reverb, mixing and mastering.  A full post production service to professional music industry standards is available (see below**).

We more often than not work on the post production once you have left the studio - ensuring your studio time is used to the full for recording purposes. You will then recieve a copy of the finished recording on CD when the post production is complete.

Backing tracks can be provided from our approved suppliers or you can purchase them yourself in order to practice prior to your session (see below under Backing Tracks)

We are open MONDAY TO FRIDAY between 10am and 6pm

For the more advanced muscian and professional we have a number of recording session options - see below.  However, all our packages are flexible to meet your own individual requirements so do call us if you have any queries, but here's the basics...


1 hour session for the solo artist: For the professional singer, musician and voiceover artist. Also ideal for experimental or demo purposes.
Includes basic post production of one song. A full post production service is available (see below**).
£  50.00

Should the session run over into a second hour - payable after a run over time of 10 minutes

(please note: a 30 mins run over time will be charged the full hour rate of £50)

£  40.00 extra
Additional songs: £  35.00 each

Vocal tutorial with recording session:

1 hour tutorial session:

Singing or Voice Over lesson including learning microphone and vocal technique for recording purposes.
Includes the use of one of our approved backing tracks (see under Backing Tracks below) for you to experience recording a song and a CD recording of the session as appropriate.We like to ensure you get full use of the hour which may or may not see you complete a full song recording as it depends on technique and ability. (Excludes post production due to the nature of the session).For any age or experience.



Session Packages:

2 hour session  £  90.00
4 hour session  £140.00
6 hour session. Includes light lunch. £190.00
8 hour session. Includes light lunch.  £220.00
2 day session (consecutive). Includes light lunch on both days. £410.00


Backing Tracks

When you obtain or download a backing track you should always ensure that you have permissions to use it for the purpose for which it is intended, whether a personal and non-commercial recording studio experience, or mass distribution.

We have a selection of suitable backings available for our customers and if we don't have a particular backing track we can try to source it for you direct from our recommended suppliers. With our legitimate concern over copyright issues, we have established relationships with web sites that offer backing tracks which may be used for our recording studio experiences. Our approved supplier of backing tracks for such activities is currently Karaoke Version and Ameritz who permit us to use their backings for recording studio experiences. They provide high quality studio backings in MP3 format. Backing Tracks that we source from these two suppliers are included in the price of your recording session and will be available for your use on arrival at the studio. If you do require the backing tracks prior to your session for rehearsal purposes this can be organised on request via email or on CD (CDs are at an additional cost). We can only supply Backing Tracks in the key provided by our suppliers.  

Should our approved suppliers not have your chosen backing track we can either try to source them for you elsewhere for an additional cost or you can purchase them yourself as long as the supplier is legitimate and the track is properly licensed for use. Please bring with you a copy of your licence to use agreement from your supplier.

Generally speaking the advantage of you purchasing your own backing tracks well in advance will prepare you more thoroughly for your recording experience. You can also check that it is the right key. If you need a different key than that provided by our suppliers we can adjust the key slightly when you come into the studio but this is not always ideal - please check with us prior to your session.

Team Building Days                                           
            Prices start From £200.00

Please see our Team Building pages for more information. Groups from 4 up to 20 or more can be accommodated

Mastering sessions                           
                                                     £210.00 for 10 tracks or £110.00 for 4 tracks or £45.00 per hour

We can take your own recordings and really spruce them up with some serious software and dedicated mastering equipment by t.c.electronic.

Music Technology sessions                                                                                                
 £50.00 per hour           

Want to learn how to do this yourself? Dedicated one-to-one tutoring on recording, mixing or composing/producing. Why not learn by producing your own music with our help? Ideal for enthusiasts or young people starting out.

** Full post production       POA

Inclusive of detail editing, complete pitch correction, phrase editing, vocal signal trim, multiband EQ and compression, reverb/full FX, mixing, mastering and finalizing using state of the art tc electronic mastering tools. This service is quoted on a hourly rate, but takes a very good recording and makes it amazing!

 Mobile / Live Recording            

Music Composition POA

Photography                                                                                                                    POA

We can arrange a photograph of your experience as a further momento.

Music Video Production POA

Bespoke CD Design and Production POA


For more details or to book a session please give us a call on 01695 624966 or email

Please note:Bookings are subject to availablity and The Dungeon Recording Studio reserves the right to amend booked dates at any time. In this event you will be offered suitable alternative dates subject to availability or payments made refunded.


The Dungeon Studio is a recording studio with a difference. It is designed to be a perfect environment for you to work one-to-one with a skilled musician, composer, arranger and producer by your side.
Tel: 01695 624966

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