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Q. What are your recording studio rates?

A. Rates vary depending on your requirements. Please email or phone us with as many details as possible of your planned recording and we will give you a custom quote however our basic packages can be found on the prices page.

Q. How do I book a recording session?


A. To book a session, just give us a call to let us know when you would like to come in and be prepared to pay a deposit.

Q. How much is the deposit?

A. The deposit is usually 50% of the full balance.

Q. Do you supply Backing Tracks?

A. We do advise you purchase your own Backing Track for a number of reasons. Please visit our Prices page where full details of Backing Tracks can be found. We have a selection of complimentary Backing Tracks which may be what you are looking for. Please contact us prior to your recording session to find out what we have available.


Q. Do you have block booking rates?


A. Yes, call us with your requirements to discuss.

Q. We want to record 3 songs of our own material - how long would it take?

A. Approximately one day per song.


Q. My recording needs are not musical. Can you help?

A. Our equipment can handle virtually any type of recording project. We’ve done voice-over, jingles, audio books and many other types of projects. We can also provide sound design and original music composition.

Q. What should I bring to the studio on the day?

A. If you are a musician, try and bring as much of your gear as possible. Guitarists/bassists make sure you have new strings. You should bring all your cables and spare strings. If you are a singer - just bring yourself and lyrics if you need them!

Q. Do you have any available positions or do you offer work experience?

A. We are not currently recruiting.

The Dungeon Studio is a recording studio with a difference. It is designed to be a perfect environment for you to work one-to-one with a skilled musician, composer, arranger and producer by your side.
Tel: 01695 624966
Email: info@thedungeonstudio.co.uk

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