Sessions at The Dungeon Recording Studio, Wigan

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When you arrive...

We will greet you with tea, coffee, biscuits and soft drinks to settle you in (so please arrive a few minutes before your session time). We'll also take a few minutes to confirm exactly what you are hoping to get out of your recording session. For example, if you want to record quickly for rough demo purposes then we will work in a different way than if you want to create a really polished final version of a song.

And if you want to learn about the set-up and the technology we use, well, we can accommodate that too.

If you are recording well known songs, using backing tracks, we will give you as much guidance and coaching as you require.

If it's your own material we're working on, then we can give you everything from a penny whistle to a symphony orchestra at your fingertips. You'll get as much help as you need, and access to some amazing instruments through The Dungeon Recording Studio's extensive library of top quality samples worth many thousands of pounds including the full Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL).

If you require a live performance recording or a large group of people recording at the same time then we can come to you with our mobile rig.


We provide the highest quality recordings for both professional and amateur artists and musicians. This includes training on vocal and microphone technique to give you a professional finished result.


Do you need people to ‘sound’ you out? We offer a great deal for those in the entertainment industry such as actors, cabaret artists, stand ups, DJs. Ideal also for voice over artists.


From corporate videos to personal occasions we not only record your voice but can provide training in delivery and even put your voice to picture*.


Have you got the lyrics and the voice but missing the music? You might have written the basic songs but how do you develop them? Our producer, Greg, is a gifted composer and arranger who can work with you to refine or create arrangements, from guitar or piano to 4-piece, big band or symphony orchestra, using state of the art software samplers or session musicians if the budget allows. Whether you have an idea of your desired instrumentation or don’t know where to start we can help you turn your fledgling song into a fully finished production.


Are you trying to get in to a music college or university? Do you require an ensemble accompaniment? If so, our classically trained composer and conductor can work with you to produce the perfect portfolio for your submission.


Are you getting married and trying to decide on music for your wedding video? Have you thought about recording a song? The result is not only a personalised wedding video but you could also use the recording as a gift for your guests as an unusual wedding favour.

...EVEN YOUR SWAN SONG: In memory of you! This is a wonderful way for friends and family to remember you and has become very popular. The gift of music is something wonderful that you can leave behind, especially for loved ones and can of course be played as part of a funeral service.


If you would like a great film of your recording experience we can provide a film and editing crew at great prices.

*Subject to supplied format of picture.

The Dungeon Studio is a recording studio with a difference. It is designed to be a perfect environment for you to work one-to-one with a skilled musician, composer, arranger and producer by your side.
Tel: 01695 624966

Greg scoring a piece