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The Dungeon Recording Studio is open Monday - Friday between 10.00am and 6.00pm only.

Following an e-mail or telephone enquiry we will make a provisional booking for you. Within two weeks you must send us a fixed non-refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed fee for the booked time (unless we have to cancel whereby the deposit is fully refundable). On receipt of the deposit your provisional booking will become a firm booking, which we will confirm with you via phone, e-mail or letter. If after two weeks of making a provisional booking we have not received your deposit we will assume you longer want your recording session and the provisional date will no longer stand and will be cancelled. Any person aged 16 or under requires a parent, guardian or tutor to authorise and attend the booking.

Please note: All bookings, including the redemption of Gift Vouchers, are subject to availability. The Dungeon Recording Studio reserves the right to amend, change or cancel booked dates at any time. In this event you will be offered suitable alternative dates subject to availability or if we have to cancel your session payments made will be refunded. It is deemed that you accept our Terms on either receipt of the full or part payment/deposit of your recording session.

Deposit & cancellation

For all bookings, we require a deposit equivalent to 50% of the agreed fee for the booked time as per the terms above. Please give us at least four weeks’ notice if you need to change your booking. If you give us less than four weeks’ notice we may levy the following charges against potential loss of business:

Cancellation of scheduled services with less than four weeks’ notice will be billed at 25% of anticipated charges of your total session cost. In effect this will result in the retention by the Studio of your deposit.

Cancellation of scheduled services with less than three weeks’ notice will be billed at 50% of anticipated charges of your total session cost.

Cancellation of scheduled services with less than two weeks’ notice will be billed at 75% of anticipated charges of your total session cost.

Cancellation of scheduled services with less than one week’s notice will be billed at 100% of anticipated charges of your total session cost.

Session over-run

If your session over-runs, any additional time will be charged at a pro-rata rate unless a special discount rate or reduced-price package has been previously arranged.


Standard payment is by a PayPal invoice which accepts credit or debit cards (we will provide an invoice by email for immediate settlement) or by BACS (bank transfer). Our account details will be supplied for BACS payments

The 50% deposit must be paid within two weeks of the initial booking made by phone or email (as terms above). The deposit must be paid by PayPal or BACS. The final balance must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to your session taking place via PayPal or BACS.

Session materials will only be released to record labels with valid purchase orders or to independent Clients on full payment of the session. Without a valid purchase order or payment in full, the Studio will not proceed with the session. Materials include CDs, tapes, hard-drives, etc created at the Studio, as well as Clients' materials brought in from outside sources.

All master recordings and multi-track tapes including the copyright in the performances embodied therein are deemed to be the property of the Studio until all payments due are discharged in full. The Studio will normally retain such media until full settlement is made unless a valid purchase order is provided.

Payment terms for all commercial projects with valid purchase orders are for immediate payment. Immediately following your session, we will post you an invoice (with a cost breakdown) requesting payment.

Cash and cheques are not accepted unless by prior agreement.

All costs include VAT at the current rate.


The Studio will not accept responsibility for any damage pertaining to the personal property of the Client.

Storage of materials (CDs, tapes, hard drives, etc) and other property belonging to the Client is solely at the Client's risk and the Studio will not be held liable for loss of such articles regardless of the cause.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Studio or the Building. Food and drink, except bottle water is not allowed in the Studio. Alcohol in the building premises is at the discretion of the studio manager.

Receipt and acceptance of the recording media by the Client after completion shall be deemed acknowledgement between both parties that the quality of all services rendered by the Studio is satisfactory to the Client and shall release the Studio from any and all liability regarding said recording media and services rendered.

Co-produced work between the Client and Studio will be discussed on an individual basis and rights etc will be agreed in writing prior to your recording session for future benefit of both parties. 

Content of Recording

The Client warrants that nothing whatsoever shall be included in the Recording which constitutes a breach of infringement of any copyright or which shall be in anyway illegal, scandalous, obscene or offensive. The Client will indemnify the Studio against any liability in respect thereof, and shall pay all costs and expenses which may be incurred by the Studio in reference to any such claim. The Studio shall not be required to reproduce any matter which, in its opinion, is, or may be, of an illegal, scandalous, obscene or offensive nature. The Studio reserves the right to decline to master any material that it deems to be of insufficient technical quality or that which infringes copyright.

Backing tracks: All backing tracks that we use are legal, licensed and monitored by MCPS/PRS. The rights granted to you under these terms and conditions shall be for your own personal usage and under no circumstances shall you be allowed to copy, distribute or transfer the music in any form or to any other third party. You may not copy or resell the music without our permission and/or the permission of MCPS/PRS.  The Client is liable for any costs and expenses which may be incurred by the Studio should these terms be breached. Studio Breakdown Warranty Time can only be deducted for technical breakdowns of the Studio’s own equipment. In the event of a breakdown of the Studio’s own equipment, the Studio shall, at its discretion, either replace (as soon as can reasonably be arranged) the Studio facilities to which the Client was entitled by the terms hereof, or give a credit or refund equal to the amount of session time lost.


The producer is entitled to a break equivalent to five minutes per hour. This break time whether taken hourly or in aggregate is not deemed to be a stoppage.

Sound levels – recording

The Studio retains all rights to the level of sound using studio equipment, equipment brought on site either by the Client and hired equipment.

Sound levels - personal behaviour

Any loud or unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and Client/s will be asked to leave immediately and any monies paid will be forfeited. Please also see below.

Project backups

We will archive all project files to CD when your session is complete for a period of no more than 12 months. All project files will be removed from our main hard drives at the end of your session, but can be reloaded from archive if the need arises. We cannot guarantee the future integrity of any archived project files.

Code of conduct

The staff at The Dungeon Recording Studio will always try to be polite and helpful and they expect the same consideration in return. The Dungeon Recording Studio reserves the right to terminate a recording session without prejudice to any of the aforementioned in the event of any violent or abusive conduct directed towards the staff and/or the property of the Studio and the Building by any persons present in connection with a recording session/booking whether they be the recording artiste(s) or their associates and to hold the Client liable for all and any resulting damages.


The Dungeon Studio is a recording studio with a difference. It is designed to be a perfect environment for you to work one-to-one with a skilled musician, composer, arranger and producer by your side.
Tel: 01695 624966
Email: info@thedungeonstudio.co.uk

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